Global Read Aloud Welcomes Back Write About! #GRA16


Earlier this summer, I was thrilled to find out that Write About wanted to partner up again with the Global Read Aloud community. Connecting reading with authentic writing opportunities is something I strive for and it is always a joy to see the meaningful technology integration that happens during this project. This is why I am thrilled that Write About, a writing platform created by educators, is back to once again generously sponsor digital student writing for all Global Read Aloud classrooms…not only for the project, but for the entire year!

Partnership highlights:

Last year on Write About, GRA classrooms posted more than 5,000 pieces of student writing in response to the books and thousands more comments between the readers! Teachers created and shared hundreds of custom multimedia writing starters (Ideas) in addition to taking advantage of the pre-made content in the Groups dedicated to each book. Write About was still in it’s infancy at that point and the huge amount of collaborative users stretched them to quickly grow and adapt as a platform. The upgrades and new features since last year are incredible and were built directly from the conversations they have with teachers (many of whom are GRA teachers) on a weekly basis. The site is easier, faster, more powerful, more customizable and has even more curricular content readily available.

What makes Write About different:

Write About is a platform that goes beyond blogging. It is a safe student writing community that has built-in content, embedded publishing layers for an authentic audience, feedback tools and engagement data.

Some favorite features:

  • Students can choose to share within your own classroom or share with other Groups.
  • Publishing and commenting can be moderated by the teacher.
  • Wonderful writing Ideas are included that students can choose for inspiration across all genres.
  • GRA has its own unique communities set up around each book to use to connect with each other.
  • Outsiders can comment safely without being members (all guest comments are moderated by the teacher).
  • There are scalable options for entire schools or districts who are looking for a writing and publishing platform. See those features here.

Get started using Write About and receive the exclusive GRA upgrade:

  • View the project landing page:
  • Watch this video (4:54) to see the new Write About in action and learn how to plan for your GRA student writing
  • Make sure you have a Write About teacher account (click Register if new or Sign In if returning)
  • Complete the GRA Upgrade form to access the code and step-by-step directions for completing the upgrade. (for both new AND returning users)
  • Access the Getting Started post for FAQ, to learn how to connect with other classrooms, find links to each book group, use free lesson plans and all view all help documentation


Because I am not in charge of Write ABout, please contact them if you have any needs.  Contact Write About: @mywriteabout on Twitter or with all questions

Why this matters:

Whether your young students are just learning how to log on to devices or are older tech pros with smart phones in their pockets, they will be writing in digital spaces for the rest of their lives. When we embrace that energy and model how to transfer their literacy skills to a social community, they learn to positively participate and share their voices. I hope this opportunity will provide many of your classrooms with those meaningfully scaffolded conversations and activities!

A GRA teacher made this video with student interviews last year







3 thoughts on “Global Read Aloud Welcomes Back Write About! #GRA16

  1. Nina says:

    I put my information in and was wondering how long it took to be accepted for the global read aloud? I wanted to purchase a t-shirt but was waiting to first see if I can participate-after sending my info in.

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