Final Information for Global Read Aloud 2016 #GRA16

I thought a post with all of the pertinent information for this year might be helpful as we get ready to kick off.  With more than 891,000 students signed up, this is again a record breaking year.

If you are new to the GRA, or would just like a refresher, please see
this post
  It is a great place to start with the basic

To add yourself to the official map go here

To see ideas:

I am greatful to those who have shared a few ideas from past years or what
they plan on doing this year.  Go here to see them

What to read and when:
For the chapter breakdowns for each book and to see which picture books
will be which weeks, go here

The hashtag is very active with ideas shared all of the time, this year’s hashtag on Twitter
is #GRA16

The books also have individual hashtag’s if you would like to use those,
they are

Lauren Castillo – #GRALauren
Pax – #GRAPax
Orbiting Jupiter – #GRAOJ
All American Boys – #GRAAAB

Here is the link to see ideas shared

To get merchandise to show your support, go here  https://shop.

To connect:
To join the Facebook group, go here https://www.facebook

To see how to join Edmodo, go here

GRA Gives Back:
If you have not seen the major announcement on how you can help the GRA give back to a community center in Guatemala please see this post
Every week we will feature one of the families directly affected by the giving back in order to help you get a feel for what your help will mean.  I am so excited to partner with Palms and Souls to try to make a difference in the life of kids.

Breakout EDU 

We have partnered with Breakout EDU to create games just for GRA.  To see the games (and get your super awesome GRA bookmarks) go here

Write About Partnership.  

We have once again partnered up with Write About,a blogging platform, to give every participant a year’s free membership.  To read more about it and get signed up, go here

Hopefully this helps you have an incredible project.  Thank you for believing in the project, thank you for believing in me.  May this year be another incredible year.


One thought on “Final Information for Global Read Aloud 2016 #GRA16

  1. La Cinda McDuffie says:

    This is my first venture with Global Read Aloud and I have never read “A Long Walk to Water” and look forward to it! Would really love to have a signed copy of the book!!

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