Global Read Aloud 2018 Sign Up is Open and News #GRA17 #GRA18

I am super excited to reveal that sign up is now open for the Global Read Aloud 2018!  This year’s event will run from October 1st through November 9th, with books being chosen in late spring.

Even if you were signed up for 2017, you must re-sign up for 2018.

To sign up, go here 

If you have a great idea for a possible contender, please go here.

If you would like to see which books are being considered right now, please go here. 


If you participated in GRA 2017, would you do me a huge favor?  A team of researchers is surveying participants of the GRA as they conduct research on how the GRA effects technology use in school, please take their short survey here

New Facebook Groups added

Our Facebook group continues to be an amazing resource for all who sue it, but it is also really big.  I have, therefore, added individual groups for each section of the GRA.  You can join one or all of them and use it to share resources and share connections.  They will not change every year, just like our main group, so they should provide you with a great place not just for GRA related things but for any type of global sharing you would like to do.

Main GRA Facebook group

Picture Book Study Group

Early Reader Book Group

Upper Elementary/Middle Grade Book Group

Middle School Book Group

YA Book Group

For now, I am reading as many amazing books as I can get my hands on, always searching for the right book that will hopefully connect us all.  I hope 2018 turns out to be just as amazing as 2017 was.


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