Time to Vote for Global Read Aloud Picture Book Author/Illustrator Choice #GRA18

For weeks I have wanted to start the voting and yet I wanted to make sure that the choices felt right.  They do, and so now it begins; the official voting for picture book author/illustrator study.  As a reminder, to be a contender, each finalist must have at least 6 picture books published by the time the Global Read Aloud begins on October 2nd, as well as have books that have a more universal theme, which are easily accessible in many countries.  I do so hope you like the choices…

Choice 1:  A combination of Julie Flett and Monique Gray Smith.

Inspired by their incredible board book My Heart Fills with Happiness, I couldn’t imagine a more dynamic duo of Indigenous authors for the Global Read Aloud.

Choice 2:  Christian Robinson

Christian Robinson’s artwork stands out in whichever book it is used.  What a fantastic choice he would be.

Choice 3: Pat Zietlow Miller

This Wisconsin Native has been wowing me for years with her versatility and her uncanny storytelling ability.

Choice 4:  Josh Funk

One of the most prolific picture book authors I know, Josh’s books garner a great response from all ages.

Choice 5:  Dan Santat

I always think that Dan Santat’s latest book is his best one, and then he writes another one.  Why not make him the choice for all of us?

Voting has now closed – stay tuned for results in April!


31 thoughts on “Time to Vote for Global Read Aloud Picture Book Author/Illustrator Choice #GRA18

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice choices, but at least half of the BOOKS should be by women. Yes, there are three women choices up there. But this is not equity.

  2. josie stewart says:

    These are all outstanding choices, makes it hard to choose! Thank you for the time and thought you have put into Global Read Aloud!

  3. Paula Marks says:

    After looking at books by all the authors/illustrators above, my group of 18 boys said I should vote for Dan Santat!

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