Updates from #GRA18

As the time quickly approaches for kick off to the 2018 Global Read Aloud, I thought it would be nice to share a few updates as they reach me.

Participation Info

I have been asked, how many kids are in the Global Read Aloud this year?  As we speak more than 1.2 million kids are participating around the world and more than 70 different countries represented.  But in all honesty, the number doesn’t matter.  The connections are what matters and you only need two to connect.

Author Updates

A few of the authors have made their participation plans public, this is never an expectation, but I am thrilled that they will be participating in the project.

Here is what Aisha Saeed, author of Amal Unbound, has planned


Elana K. Arnold just announced that she will be creating weekly videos answering questions from students.  All you have to do is tweet her the question, along with the school name and the age of the students.  Her Twitter handle is @ElanaKArnold
I will also be hosting a giveaway of signed copies of Bat as well as a skype visit contest.

Write About

I have been asked whether Write About will be part of the GRA again and the answer is yes, but in a changed capacity.  GRA participants will all be able to get a free membership for the length of the project and then once the project ends they can continue their membership at a 50% discounted rate.  More information will be forthcoming to those who would like to pursue this.
I will continue to update information as I get it.
Shared Resources
As people create resources, they should be entered into our Google sheet.  That way everyone can see what is being shared.  Just a reminder that all resources shared have to be free.  This is a free project and the name is trademarked.




4 thoughts on “Updates from #GRA18

  1. Lori Fitzgerald says:

    I am trying to connect with schools who are reading Refugee by Alan Gratz.. I teach 6th grade. I found 1 class who was doing a Padlet response, but have lost how to connect with them in Canada. Can someone help.

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