Week 1 Video Blog from Elana K. Arnold #GRA18 #GRABat18

As promised, Elana K. Arnold has made her very first video answering your questions as you kicked off the reading of A Boy Called Bat.  Thank you so much, Elana!  Keep sending her your questions for next week’s video here 

Because of the blog’s limitations, I can only post a link to the video here and not the actual video.  So click the link, please.

To see the video, click here


4 thoughts on “Week 1 Video Blog from Elana K. Arnold #GRA18 #GRABat18

  1. Sue White says:

    Love this! My students were wondering if the Bat character was based on anyone in real life? I am not sure how to submit this question.

  2. Anna Grinley says:

    Hi Ms. Arnold.
    This is Mrs. Grinley’s third grade class from Franklin, MA. We were wondering how you came up with Bat’s name, and why you didn’t choose a bat for the baby animal. Also, how old is Bat?
    We are really enjoying your book.
    Thank you so much!

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