Week 2 of A Boy Called Bat – Video from Elana K. Arnold #GRABat18 #GRA18

Another week has passed and as promised, here is Elana’s second video.

Thank you so much, Elana!  Keep sending her your questions for next week’s video here 

Because of the blog’s limitations, I can only post a link to the video here and not the actual video.  So click the link, please.



4 thoughts on “Week 2 of A Boy Called Bat – Video from Elana K. Arnold #GRABat18 #GRA18

  1. Katie DeFrank says:

    Hi there! Our 2nd grade library class was wondering what kind of books you enjoy reading when you are not writing books? We are enjoying the book and watching your videos!
    Mrs. DeFrank’s and Miss Durgy’s 2nd grade library class
    Topsfield, Massachusetts

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Our third grade class in Lemont, Illinois was wondering why did you become a writer?
    Mrs. Mitchell’s class at River Valley

  3. Wendy S. Rossberg says:

    Hi! This is from Mrs. Rossberg’s second grade class in Oceanside, New York.
    We are loving your book A boy Called Bat! We even got a small pretend skunk in our classroom that we get to pet!
    Our questions are:
    1. Why is it so difficult for Bat to get along and collaborate with others?
    2. We also are wondering what made you want to become an author?
    Looking forward to hearing your answers!

  4. Susan Kitzen says:

    Hi. Last time I looked there was a link to a page where you could post student questions for Elana Arnold. I can’t find it now. Can we post them here instead?

    Susan Kitzen, Librarian, Borough School, Morris Plains, NJ, reading Bat with two third grade classes.

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