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In a world that is upside down, still, I have found myself reaching for fantasy books more and more. As a way to learn about our past and consider our future, the realm of fantasy allows us to escape, dig in, and dream of what can be. While the worlds may be unfamiliar, their messages are not and we can find comfort, hope, joy, even in the darkest parts of their stories. Our Global Read Aloud choices offer up hope in the most human way; tales of overcoming, tales of finding your own strength, tales or relying on community to come together in order to defeat a common enemy. It is what the world has shown us in the past year as well, it is what has kept many afloat, many alive. And so we shall gather around these books and continue to build community. We shall share these read alouds as way to connect across city lines, country borders, and oceans. We shall hopefully find similarities within the heroic journeys of the stories we read that let us see how we, too, can be heroes in our way.


  • Kick off will be October 4th and the project will run for six weeks as usual, ending on November 12th. You can absolutely fall behind or start later, just don’t read ahead.
  • The official hashtag for the year is #GRA21, other hashtags will be announced once all the books are.
  • The hashtag for this book will be #GRADragons
  • For a comprehensive FAQ post, go here
  • To join the main Facebook group, please go here. To join the early reader’s Facebook group, please go here. This is where news will be posted for the most part.


Dragons in a Bag: Elliott, Zetta, Geneva B: 9781524770457: Books
Dragons in a Bag by Zetta Elliott

When Jaxon is sent to spend the day with a mean old lady his mother calls Ma, he finds out she’s not his grandmother–but she is a witch! She needs his help delivering baby dragons to a magical world where they’ll be safe. There are two rules when it comes to the dragons: don’t let them out of the bag, and don’t feed them anything sweet. Before he knows it, Jax and his friends Vikram and Kavita have broken both rules! Will Jax get the baby dragons delivered safe and sound? Or will they be lost in Brooklyn forever?

Why Zetta Elliott had to decolonize her mind to write the children's book  Dragons in a Bag | CBC Radio

I have loved the work of Zetta Elliott for many years, her span is incredible and so is her immense power to draw us into her stories. She writes beautiful characters whose lives unfold in front of us while also leaving us wanting more. Jaxon is a hero navigating the world with courage, love, and resilience. He is a relatable young man whose quest to right wrongs is one that many kids can relate to and even better, it is the first book in a series so you can continue Jaxon’s adventures even after the GRA reads.

The reading calendar will be as follows:

Week 1: Oct. 4th – 8th : Chapters 1 – 3

Week 2: Oct. 11th – 15th: Chapters 4 – 6

Week 3: Oct. 18 – 22nd: Chapters 7 – 8

Week 4: Oct. 25th – 29th: Chapters 9 – 10

Week 5: Nov. 1st – 5th: Chapters 11 -12

Week 6: Nov. 8th – 12th: Chapters 13 – end

Don’t worry about falling behind, just don’t read ahead and if you need to start later, please do.

Please consider following Zetta’s work on social media and supporting your local independent bookstores with your book purchases. If you want to support the Global Read Aloud, please consider purchasing your books through the links placed here, the GRA gets a small affiliate percentage whenever books are purchased through – a website that sends orders through local bookstores. If your school requires you to go through Amazon, please consider using this link to purchase the book in order to support the Global Read Aloud.

I hope you like these choices, and if not, that’s okay too, then come back next year.



  1. Kristi York says:

    Is the book read orally on line? How do I access that link?
    How many minutes is each reading for each week for the six week period?
    How do I access the interaction with the global world of students reading the same book?
    Thank you,
    Gifted Facilitator
    Geary County Schools

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