Revealing the New Global Read Aloud Website

Ta da….

Here it is; a new blog, with a little more information, a little better organization, and hopefully  a lot more user friendly.  Thank you WordPress!

So what is new?

Check out the list of possible contenders as I add them throughout the year.

If you are already eager for GRA 2015, make sure you sign up!

Also, check out which books have been done in the past.

If you would like to know how a book or author is selected to be the official book or author, check out this peak into the process.

If you are an author and would like to suggest your book, here is a way to do that.

If you would more information about what the Global Read Aloud is, ways to connect, and what to expect, please check out the information page.

And finally, if you want to know more about me, Pernille Ripp, and what I am all about, go to this page.


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